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Prédiction de match: EYEBALLERS - Pera Esports {{Counter-Strike (CS2)

ESL Challenger League Season 47: Europe
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EYEBALLERSstatsPera Esports(-:-; -:-)
41.7%Map WR:80%Le taux de victoire des équipes sur cette carte au cours des 3 derniers mois.
EYEBALLERSstatsPera Esports(-:-; -:-)
35.7%Map WR:33.3%Le taux de victoire des équipes sur cette carte au cours des 3 derniers mois.
EYEBALLERSstatsPera Esports(-:-; -:-)
36.4%Map WR:42.9%Le taux de victoire des équipes sur cette carte au cours des 3 derniers mois.
Choix de carte:Gains des lineups principaux pour les 3 derniers mois, min. 3 cartes.
Toutes les prédictions: auroralance
Pera Esports Gagneront

Welcome to EGamersWorld.

The competitive Counter-Strike 2 scene continues. Despite a certain lull on the TIR-1 scene, the TIR-2 arena is still alive.

For example, ESL Challenger League Season 47 is being played there, where you get a slot to ESL Pro League Season 20 for winning the tournament. And this is already an indicator.

EYEBALLERS and Pera Esports will play in an attempt to make it to the play-offs. Both teams will play each other in the bottom basket, which means minimal chances for mistakes.

Let's go.

Pera uniforms

We open the match analysis with an analysis of Pera's form, the 46th team in the world, who will play as favourites in this match.

Pera Esports are the young blood on the competitive Counter-Strike 2 scene. They started their journey on the international scene in 2023.

Last season they debuted with a top-16 finish at Roobet Arena Weekend Cup Europe #6, and then played two qualifying events at the ESL Challenger at DreamHack Atlanta 2023. And if at the first attempt they made it to the TOP-4, the next one was worse - TOP-6.

Then there were two victories at local tournaments. Pera celebrated victory at TippmixPro Masters Fall 2023 and LEON x TEAMPLAY Season 2.

With their victories, they started playing at ESL Challenger League Season 46: Europe and lost miserably. Pera finished in the top 18 at their first "big" tournament.

However, they ended the year on a positive note. First they won the Magyar E-sport Fesztival 2023, then qualified for the RCL 2024 and won the 22BET Christmas Cup.

In 2024, the season of qualifiers started. Pera played at the qualifiers PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, ESL Pro League Season 19: European Conference. We can say that they were successful, because through the qualifiers for PGL CS 2 Major Copenhagen they reached RMR.

  • Pera Esports roster: Aaron, Porya, DGL, bibu, Ciocardau.

The last tournament before the PGL CS 2 Major Copenhagen European RMR B was RES Eastern European Masters: Spring 2024, where Pera reached the Top 8, Ledgeiv Sinners Esports.

PGL CS 2 Major Copenhagen European RMR B Long They started off with two pretty lacklustre losses. First, we lost to C9 with a score of 3-13, and then we lost to GamerLegion with a score of 6-13. Then, another defeat by Preasy Esports and, as a result, TOP-16 at European RMR. Before playing at ESL Challenger Season 47, Pera started playing at the qualifiers for IEM Dallas 2024 and open qualifications for the Challenger at DreamHack Summer 2024. Everywhere no higher than TOP-32.

At the ESL Challenger Season 47 itself, the team played in Basket A, where they finished in the top 6, thus making it to the last chance grid.

Mapple Pera

Pera's best map is Mirage. They played 12 matches and won 9 of them.

Next were Overpass with 8 matches and 5 wins. Nuke (7 matches, 4 wins), Inferno (9 matches, 5 wins). Worse goes to Ancient with 3 wins in 6 matches, and the worst is Anubis. His Pera has been picked 7 times, but played with a winrate of 42%.


We continue the match analysis with the analysis of the form of the 64th team of the world EYEBALLERS, who will play in the Underpassdog status, but with a small gap.

EYEBALLERS team of HLTV world ranking is a typical representative of TIR-2 scene. In 2023 they have played in a lot of tournaments, but unfortunately for the Swedes, with no results.

Overall, the classic result for the Swedes this season was Top 8. The team held this ranking at Pelaajat.com Nordic Masters Spring 2023, ESL Challenger League Season 44: Europe, CCT Central Europe Series #6, CCT West Europe Series #3, ESL Challenger League Season 45: EUrope, CCT West and CCT North Europe Serie #4 and #5.

A small A Cross happened at the Elisa Invitational Spring 2023. Then jW and company managed to climb into the top 4, which is clearly not a typical result for EYEBALLERS this year. Then it was dark again, but much worse: TOP-17/19/32 at the IEM Sydney 2023 qualifiers, TOP-24 at the SSE North Europe Series and TOP-12 at CCT North Europe Series #7.

  • Eyeballers lineup: JW, Sapec, Golden, Peppzor, Heap.

Prior to the ESL Challenger League Season 46, JW and company played Thunderpick World Championship 2023: European Series #2 and European Pro League Season 10, as well as Esportal Evnia Open. In the former, they finished in the usual top 25, but the European Pro League was much more successful - already top 10! The only ray of light was the championship at the Esportal Evnia Open and $6,000 in prize money.

ESL Challenger League Season 46 is not going badly so far. Getting into the Mid Group is something, considering the bunch of results EYEBALLERS has on their hands.

They finished top 3 in Group C, where they missed out on Team Spirit and Looking4Org. They played 3-2, beating SAW, RUBIK and Pompa Team, whoever they were.

Once in the Mid Group EYEBALLERS started their climb to the final of the top set. Along the way they beat Aurora and Betera. Both games ended in a complete bo3.

In the final Mid Group match, EYEBALLERS were once again successful. They outplayed ForZe, again with a score of 2-1. After falling to Monte in the first round of the play-offs, EYEBALLERS were lucky: the Swedes got a technical and thus ended up in the second round of the lower grid. However, they managed to make it to the top 6 of ESL Challenger League Season 46, which is not bad.

In 2024, the team played in all sorts of qualifiers and minor tournaments. Some of the best performances include a top-2 finish at the Esportal LuckCasion Cup 2024. The ESL Challenger League Season 47 Eyeballers themselves played in Group D, where they finished top-5.

Eyeballers Mappool

The best Eyeballers map is Vertigo. There are 2 wins in 3 matches.

Next is Inferno. On Inferno played 5 times, of which won 3 matches.

Minus winrate on 4 maps: Ancient (42% wins in 7 matches), Overpass (33% wins in 3 matches), Anubis (3 matches, 33% wins), Mirage (2 matches, 0 wins).

History of head-to-head meetings Pera Esports - EYEBALLERS

The teams played each other at European RMR and then Pera Esports won.

Predicted result of the match EYEBALLERS - Pera Esports at ESL Challenger League Season 47

In this match I expect an equal fight with a slight advantage in favour of Pera Esports. I will bet on their victory, but I will not be surprised if the result will be completely opposite.

Bottom line: Pera Esports win.

EYEBALLERS contre Pera Esports : prédiction de match. 20.04.2024 at 18:00. Counter-Strike (CS2), ESL Challenger League Season 47: Europe
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